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Mary Slessor 4 puzzle answers


1. In 1876 Mary Slessor sailed for Calabar in Africa. She went on board ship on 5th August.

2.She arrived on September 11th so it took her more than 5 weeks to get there!

3.The people in Calabar  were not Christians but they believed in witchcraft.

4.Whenever anything bad happened they thought it was caused by black magic.

5. If a chief died they would kill several people

6.If twins were born the people thought some witchcraft had caused this.


7.If someone was ill the people thought that this was caused by evil spirits

If people thought that someone had committed a crime he might be given poison to drink.


8.Mary wanted to show the people of Calabar that Jesus loved them.

There was one important Christian man, called King Eyo who started writing to Mary's mother.

9. If Mary met someone whose child had died she would tell them that Jesus said that they would go on living in heaven.


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