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Moses part 2 

Now the Pharaoh died and another Pharaoh came to the throne but the Israelites were still slaves and they were treated just as badly. They sighed, they groaned and they cried. God heard their cries and saw what was happening. He decided to take them out of Egypt and set them free from slavery but he needed someone to help him do this and the man he chose was Moses.

You will remember that Moses had married Jethro's daughter. Jethro had a flock of sheep and Moses was out looking after them. 

 As he looked around he saw a strange sight. 

 A bush was burning and although there were flames coming from it, the wood and the leaves did not burn away and disappear. Moses came nearer to have a closer look and has he stood there he knew that God was speaking to him.

God said,"Take off your shoes because you are standing on Holy ground. I am the God of your father, of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob. I have seen how badly the Israelites are being treated.

 I will set them free from slavery and lead them out of Egypt to a fertile land where there is milk and honey. I will send you to Pharaoh so you can bring the people out" Now Moses began to make excuses. "I am not an important person," he said, "He will not listen to me."

God said,"I will be with you. Go and gather the elders of the people of Israel. Tell them that I have appeared to you and that I will lead them out of Egypt."

Moses said,"They will not believe that You have appeared to me."

God said He would prove this in three ways. " What do you have in your hand?"

"A rod."


"Cast it on the ground."

Moses did this and the rod turned into a snake.

"Hold it by the tail."  The snake became a rod once more.

"Put your hand inside your coat and the take it out."

Moses did this. When he took his hand out it was white. It looked as if he had leprosy.

"Now do this again." When Moses did it again he took out his hand and found that it looked healthy once more.

"If they still do not believe you take some water from the river and pour it on the ground. It will turn to blood."  

Then Moses came up with another excuse. "I do not speak very well. I have a speech impediment."

"God said,"I have made your mouth. I will make you speak clearly and I will tell you what to say."

Moses had run out of excuses so he said, "Please send someone else!"

You might think God would have given up on Moses but He said,"Here is your brother Aaron. You tell him what to say and he will say it for you."

So Moses went to Jethro and told him he must return to Egypt. Jethro said,"Go in peace."

God said to Moses,"The men who were trying to kill you are dead."

You remember how Moses fled from Egypt after killing the Egyptian. Pharaoh ordered some men to hunt him down and kill him but these men were now dead and Moses was in less danger. He set out for Egypt.

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