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Captain Crewe had written to Miss Minchin and told her to give a splendid birthday party for Sara. He asked her to decorate the school room and spread out a great feast for everyone. He said he would send some money to pay for all this.
Picture of pincushion

When Sara went into her sitting room in the morning, she found a package on the table.

She opened it and saw it was a square pincushion. It was made of red flannel and black pins had been stuck into it to form the words "Happy Birthday Sara."

The material was not very expensive but someone had taken a lot of time and trouble to make it.  

Sara was just wondering  whom it was from when she saw the door open a little way and Becky looked in. There was a happy smile on her face ." Do you like it Miss Sara?" she asked.

"Of course I like it." said Sara. "And you made it all yourself." Sara ran to her and hugged her. "
The day of Sara's birthday arrived. Sara went into the hall first. Miss Minchin came in carrying a box and Becky arrived with another box. Becky was excited and forgot that she was not actually invited to the party. She was standing looking at Lottie.
"You are not supposed to stand looking at the girls!" said Misss Minchin. Put your box down and then leave the room. "If you please, Miss Minchin," said Sara,""Cann't Becky stay?"
"Surely you do not want Becky to stay!" said Miss Minchin. "I would like her to see the presents." said Sara."She is a little girl too."
Miss Minchin said,"Becky is the scullery maid. Scullery maids are not little girls."
Now Becky was a scullery maid, one of the least important of the servants. In those days, many rich people did not think of servants as people who could be their friends. They thought that they were only there to work.
"As it is your birthday,Sara, I will let Becky stay, as a special favour to you."
"Now ,"said Miss Minchin, "Sara is a very important pupil because her father is very rich. She is very good at her lessons and her manners are perfect. "
Sara was not pleased when Miss Minchin said this about her. In fact her cheeks started to turn red with embarassment. How would you feel if a teacher said this about you in front of the rest of the class?
"Thank you Miss Minchin," said Sara, "And thank you everyone for coming to my party."
Picture of Mr Barrow

"That just shows that what I said is true," said Miss Minchin. "Sara's manners are perfect." Lavinia snorted and Miss Minchin heard her. "That is not very ladylike." said Miss Minchin.

A little later Miss Amelia came into the room. "Sara," she said. Your father's solicitor, Mr Barrow has called to see Miss Minchin and must talk to her alone. Could you all move through to the other room where the food is laid out and then Miss Minchin can talk to him in here."

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