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On this page you may download a set of slides, a commentary for the slides, and 2 puzzles.

You may click the link below to download the prodigal son slides. If you are not sure what to do next scroll down to the instructions at the bottom of the page. 

Click this link to Download slides

prodsoncomm.rtf prodsoncomm.rtf
Size : 4.096 Kb
Type : rtf

Click the file on the left to download the commentary for the slides.

prodigalclues+xwd.gif prodigalclues+xwd.gif
Size : 39.813 Kb
Type : gif
prodigalxwd2+clues.gif prodigalxwd2+clues.gif
Size : 33.089 Kb
Type : gif

Click the two files on the left to download two puzzles. You may scroll down to see what they look like.

Crossword 2

When you click the link  it will take you directly to the slides that you need.  

Then Click the powerpoint icon, P.

Read the conditions on the next page and click "I agree."  

The files will download.

You can then close your browser and open the " prodscomm.rtffile from your downloads folder.

If you want to see a more complete set of instructions that you can download

click download page

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