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Gladys Aylward 1 

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Magazine with heading, "Millions of people in China have never heard about Jesus."

Gladys Aylward was a Missionary who went to China to tell the people there about Jesus and about God. She was born about 109 years ago. She had 2 sisters and 1 brother who were all younger than her. As she grew up she kept on going to church.

When it was time to get a job she went as a maid to some rich people.

Gladys read in a magazine about the people of China. They did not know about Jesus and this made her feel very sad. She wondered what she could do to help.

Picture shows Minister preaching in a Church meeting. 


Then Gladys went to a Church meeting. The preacher asked people if they would give their lives to God. This meant that they should do what God wanted them to do and not just please themselves.

Gladys decided that she would give her life to God and she knew what God wanted her to do. She would become a Missionary and go to China.

The first thing she had to do was to go to a school which taught people how to be missionaries.

Gladys studied there and passed the examination. She thought, "Soon they will tell me what part of China I will be going to and they will pay for my passage there on a ship."

 there on a ship." But they said,"No. We are sorry but we do not think you know enough to go as a missionary to China and we will not send you there." 

Gladys was very sad. She had to stay in Britain and she tried to serve God in other ways. She really thought that God wanted her to go to China. She thought that she would save up her money and pay her own fare to get there but a servant was not paid very much and it would take a long time.

Then Gladys heard about a missionary called Jeannie Lawson. Jeannie was 73 years old and needed some help. She was finding some things difficult  and needed help with heavy work. She wanted a younger person to go out and help her. She knew that the person who came would have to be prepared to work very hard. Gladys wrote to Jeannie Lawson who said she would be pleased to have Gladys as a helper. There was just one problem; Gladys did not have enough money to pay her fare on a ship to China.

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